New Ezi-Ali Range Launched by Kleencut Solutions.

Over at Kleencut Solutions we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new range Ezi-Ali. The ‘Ezi-Ali’ range of aluminium slats and louvre products work together with our already popular, architecturally designed screens.

The range includes; louvre shutters, gates, slat fencing, window screens and aluminium shutters. The products have been designed with the customer in mind, allowing home owners to install them with ease. They also compliment our already popular designed screens, so that you can use them in conjunction with our screens and create a design that flows throughout your property.

Ezi-Ali Aluminium Louvre Shutters.

louvre shut

There are an array of benefits to installing shutters in your home. They are a low maintenance option, they add privacy and create a perceived security, and create UV protection and flexible light control. Shutters are a highly desired addition to any home, meaning they will be a good investment to your property. The Ezi-Ali louvre shutters have been designed for a quick and easy assembly, that you can do yourself. We have a variety of louvre frames both standard and custom designed, to ensure the perfect finish for your home. With an array of planking systems and two piece blades you can achieve a three dimensional look and our machining division manufactures various fittings, to suit specific projects.

Ezi-Ali Gates

Ezi-Ali gate

Adding gates to a property, again has the added benefits of; increased property value, security and privacy, while being low maintenance and can also reduce insurance premiums. With Ezi-Ali gates the design allows for simple assembly and installation, without losing the strength that comes with welding. They require no top or bottom rail, due to our unique patented framing system, making it easy to line the gates up with infill panels. Dispatched as a flat pack kit, which can be cut down on site, they are ideal for homeowners wanting to install themselves. Another exciting feature is that the gates are produced in a range of powder coat colours, allowing you to incorporate your design scheme.

Ezi-Ali Slat Fencing

Ezi-Ali Fencin

The benefits of fencing are quite self explanatory, but mainly, they allow you increased privacy and security. The aluminium slat fencing in our ‘Ezi-Ali’ range is designed to be easy to assemble – see a theme here? We use pre-machined frames at various spacings, which incorporate our Pushloc system; eliminating the requirement for any fixings. It allows for a high quality finish unlike other systems, as there are no snap-in fill pieces or gaps. The range has an array of frames to meet all applications, as well as 10 different aluminium slat blades and two piece slats available in 3 different sizes. The comprehensive range of angles and channels, along with our new 1 and 2 way post systems, will create a professional finish every time.

Ezi-Ali Aluminium Shutter Systems.


Our ‘Ezi-Ali’ range of Aluminium shutter systems includes three different types of shutter systems.

Slimline Shutter System.
This system has been designed to achieve a minimalistic look and to mirror the framing designs of the traditional timber shutters. The beauty of this is it maximises vision without effecting the structural integrity of the shutter.

Commercial Shutter System.
This system has been designed using a more robust frame and blade system to meet the higher density high rise market. Saying that we have found an array of customers that use this system purely for its chunkier look.

The All Weather Security Shutter.
This system was designed with safety in mind. When this product was first released it was designed to provide a window treatment and security screen in one product It has gone on to be used both internally and externally.

We are incredibly excited to announce the new ‘Ezi-Ali’ range, allowing homeowners the option of installing an easy to use range of products, for a high-quality finish that won’t mean compromising their design. For more information on the range, or for advice on a project please get in touch with us.

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