Create the Perfect, Intimate Outdoor Space.

We spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s entertaining or just relaxing. One of the most important factors, is creating an intimate and private area. We want to be able to unwind in our gardens without worrying about prying eyes. There are a range of options to ensure that you create a beautiful and private outdoor space, that you can relax in. Take into consideration the design of your property, the space available and use these top tips, to help you create your perfect garden.

Plan your layout.

It is important to look at the space you have available carefully, to get the most out of it. Breaking up your layout, will allow you to utilise the space and create smaller intimate spaces throughout. Screens are the perfect solution for adding privacy to a large outdoor area. Use them to create smaller pockets of enclosed spaces, without closing it off entirely. Mix up laser cut designed screens like ours, with hedges, timber, or even fabric. You also need to think about access throughout the garden, connecting your space. By connecting enclosed spaces you will create privacy, while still allowing flow throughout the area.

Think about your design.

Make sure you consider the design and style of your home. If this isn’t taken into consideration, when you go from indoor to outdoor, it won’t flow and your outdoor space will feel strange. Incorporate the interior style of your property into your exterior, ensuring that the interior and exterior compliment each other. Use a similar colour scheme and furniture that is similar to the era and design of your property. Custom screens allow you to personalise the design, so that you can create the pattern you want, ensuring that they fit with your scheme. If you have already decorated your interior and you are now looking to extend the design to the exterior, custom screens are the perfect way to connect the house with the garden.

Incorporate features.

By incorporating a feature into the garden, you can add a sense of intimacy as well as a point of interest. A water feature will help make your space more intimate, less in terms of layout, but more by adding a soothing noise to block out your neighbours! Different points of interest will create small pockets of intimate spaces throughout your garden that you can connect together. Create a feature screen, with a bold and interesting design, to really add some wow factor too.

Create a cosy atmosphere.

Once you have planned your layout, designed your intimate areas and incorporated features and access to them; use a variety of plants and furniture to make your space the perfect place to relax. Vary the height and size of your plants and vary the shades of green you use; this will create more depth to the area. Include fabric decorations such as, pillows or a rug. This will add texture to the space and create comfort. Warm lighting will also help you create an intimate space; use hanging lights or string lights. Include feature screens that have rich colours, such as the ‘Red Emperor Pearl’ or ‘Weathered Copper’, to create more warmth and cosiness.

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  1. Kim Davis says:

    We are looking for screens to go on a couple of decks for privacy.
    Wondered if we could have some information about your standard sizes, so we might be able to work out what/ how many we may need (or are all screens made to order?)
    How do we get an idea of cost per screen?
    What about fixings ?
    Kind regards
    Kim Davis

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