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Custom Screens Create Your Perfect Space

Whether you are looking to create privacy outdoors, or a multi-functioning living area indoors, custom screens are the perfect solution when thinking about space, privacy and design. When you are designing a new home, or updating your existing home, you want to make your dreams a reality and create the space you want. Custom pattern screens allow you to showcase your personality, in a functional manner; creating the perfect design solution.

Open-plan living spaces are still very much in high-demand. By incorporating a custom screen, you are able to create a multi-functioning space with an open-plan feel, while still making a statement with a bespoke design. Following this through to the outdoors, screens allow you to create multi-purpose yet private, entertaining spaces outside, without compromising design.

A lot of companies in the laser cut industry are hesitant to cater to a client’s request of customised designs. We very much believe that in a consumer driven market, it is important to be able to provide the customer with what they want. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pattern choice, if you can imagine it, we can cut it.

For a recent project we completed, ‘Todd Street’, the client had a pressed tin feature on their kitchen counter face and they wanted to apply the same pattern to a laser cut decorative screen.

KC custom screen divider Todd Street

The screen was to be used as a partition between the kitchen and lounge, and incorporated cabinetry and some timber substrate for support, finishing the job off beautifully. Shelving is a great way to finish the piece off and divide the space, as the owner can alter the density, based on the number of object stored. The screen separates the living room and kitchen, while still allowing a large and open feel to the area. The use of the pressed tin, not only creates a statement, but allows the design to flow through the two areas.

Another example of custom patterns on screens can be seen in our ‘Woodford’ project.

KC tree custom screen gate design Woodford

In this instance the customised screen added a new dimension to the design on the house, as well as allowing the owner to personalise their property and really put their stamp on the home. Here the design was a tree of life, where we incorporated laser cut gate screens and decorative fence inserts. The gate screens create a completely unique and impressive design that you wont see anywhere else.

Whether you are building a new house, or revamping an old one, you want to create your perfect home. By creating custom patterns, it really allows the owner to get exactly what they want, with a unique design. When considering an open-plan area, to successfully combine openness and separation, it is important to make sure that if you are dividing a room with a screen, that you consider the colour scheme, layout, functionality and visual properties. Your screen design should flow with the room, and depending on your design, make a statement.

By incorporating custom patterned screens, you are able to create the space you want and have control over the design – allowing for a bespoke and fantastic design solution. Get in touch with us and we can work with you and our design team to create the perfect feature for your next project.

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Kleencut Solutions: Forecasting Our Biggest Year

2016 is well underway and over at Kleencut Solutions, we’ve had an amazing start to the year. As you will have hopefully noticed, seeing as you are reading this, we have a sparkling new website complete with our very own blog. We will be sharing all our exciting news and general musings here, so make sure you keep checking back. For now, let us tell you what 2016 has in store for us.


Beau Kleencut Solutions

What better way to introduce the newest member of the Kleencut Solutions team, than through our new blog? We are happy to announce that ‘Big Beauy’, otherwise known as Beau Stanborough, is joining us as the main man in the warehouse. Big Beauy’s extensive knowledge of pattern design and technical drawing, will hold him in great stead for ensuring everything runs smoothly in the warehouse. It is at the same time we sadly say goodbye to our Scottish kipper, Jock Sinclair, who is off to University to follow his dreams and become a millionaire, so that his family doesn’t have to eat haggis anymore! On a serious note, we couldn’t have made it this far without Jock and we wish him all the best in his new ventures.

We also have an array of inspiring projects forecasted, with what’s set to be our biggest year yet. The first of which is a huge project at Brisbane Airport, where we are working with Watpac, to install skylight diffuser panels. We have developed an amazing laser cut decorative screen and fixing system, to allow maintenance, while still retaining an architectural elegance and a striking feature to look at. With the possibility of flourishing throughout the entire airport, we are excited to see what the future holds.

kuru Newstead, Kleencut Solutions Project

We are continuing to work with longstanding client and good friend Michael Cavallucci, from Cavcorp, who is responsible for beautiful developments ‘Kurv Newstead’ and ‘The James on Helen’. We are contracted to manufacture laser cut screens for over 80 units in a new complex on Doggett Street, Fortitude Valley; which is sure to be a force to be reckoned with and a smart buy for any punter on the market. Alongside these amazing projects, we are also greatly anticipating the newest and largest project on the horizon, “Lucent Gasworks”, which is currently under construction.

You might think we have a lot going on over here, but there is still more! We are making it our mission this year to think of breakthrough concepts that will evoke a genuine reaction. We aim to introduce a new range of innovative new designs, so watch this space.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Kleencut Solution! We’ll be blogging on this site really soon – we have heaps of awesome projects to share with you!

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